The Female Brain Essay

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Nick Tibbetts
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My Virtues Honestly, I feel that this subject that were talking about makes a lot of sense. For people to understand all the concepts that science has to offer is pretty ridiculous. There is so many different subjects in science that can make anyone feel stupid. You would have to be God gifted to actually fully understand science. Just in so many ways there is that problem or question that someone will come across and wonder how in the world can I solve this problem. In comparison to me, in high school I graduated with high honors and had a pretty high GPA, but science was my most confusing subject. Biology was pretty easy, but when it came to chemistry and physics I was astounded of how complicated these subjects were. To be perfectly truthful I got A's and B's in these classes with pure absolute luck. All I did was study vocab and read a lot even though I really did not understand what I was learning. I do not even think I can tell you what I learned from those classes because it was just like a foreign language to me. The author in this story felt pretty stupid with her research problem and it is really hard for me to relate to her because I can not remember ever really doing a research problem. I am sure I have in my past, but knowing me I probably erased it from my memory because I was more likely terrible at it. So I am just comparing her research problem to any kind of science. No matter what, every year you move higher in science classes and it will be ten times more confusing then the last class you took. There is a reason why in my freshman year of college I have not taken a science class. I know I have to take a science sometime to get my degree, but the longer I wait, the better. In the author's case, I am glad to read no matter what kind of science it