The Few and the Great Essay

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The Few and the Great Everyone knows the feeling of no one listening to them, much less following their lead. How did all those great leaders evoke a response in the people? Indeed, great leaders inspire action through sharing their purpose with others, as seen through the examples of Apple Inc., the Wright Brothers, and Martin Luther King Jr. It’s a simple step, yet vital to a successful leadership in our society.

First off, Apple Inc. clearly demonstrates how sharing one’s cause can produce action. A good example is in their commercials. Rather than starting out with the especial qualities of their computer, they start out with their purpose, “we believe in…” Starting with the ‘why’ part appeals to the limbic part of the brain, which controls feelings. While there may be no logical reason to buy an Apple computer, it excites emotions, making one want to buy a computer. Certainly, presenting your purpose to the public creates results as seen through Apple Inc.

Furthermore, like the Wright Brothers, one can inspire action by telling people your purpose. Everyone knows of the famous Wilber and Orville brothers and their dreams of creating a flying machine. How was it that these two poor siblings could succeed where many more qualified had failed? One of the reasons was that not only did the Wright Brothers believe in their cause, they also hired others who believed in it too. Their competitors hired people who worked for their paycheck and nothing else, while the Wright brother’s employees gave heart and soul to their project. Clearly, the Wright Brothers were able to achieve their goal because they shared their dream with others.

In addition, Martin Luther King Jr., the famous orator, inspired thousands by simply letting others know of his dream. Instead of sharing what he thought should change in America, Dr. King shared…