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Book analysis assignment
The Fifth Discipline The Art & Practice -The Art and practice of the learning organization
This book wants to introduce a new system to the management area. It wants to make a revolution in leadership skill and even the personal logical thinking system. According to the Deming (Page 47), he thinks the prevailing management (organization) system will lead people to lose themselves and even make the people feel suffer when they work in the systems because most of the organizations just pay their attentions on how to earn benefits but most of them didn’t take enough care of their employees. In Peter’s mind: “The prevailing system of management is, at its core dedicated to mediocrity. It force people to work harder to compensate for failing to tap the sprit and collective intelligence that characterizes working together at their best.”(Page 151) So the purpose of this book is to lead the way for change and build a positive world. The main reason why I chose this book is because I totally believe that the world should have some change in some area. I really like the idea in this book, it is so good and led me to learn a lot in some different areas including how to build my own leadership, how to become better at management, and how to thinking deeply.
In this book, the writer introduces a new concept for us, which is how to build Learning Organization in our society. In the writer’s mind, the Learning Organization can create a wonderful organization. The main purpose of this book is to teach us how to build learning organizations by five disciplines. The five disciplines not only teach us how to improve the leadership skills but it also teaches us how to improve ourselves.
The First discipline: Personal Mastery The purpose of the ‘Personal Mastery’ is based on people’s deep understanding over what they really need. After they know what they really want, they will pay all of their attention and patience to get their purpose. In the mean time they also will clearly understand the world and society by their thinking and observing during the time they are fighting for their dream. ‘Personal Mastery’ is the spirit foundation of building learning organizations. There are five ways to build your own ‘Personal Mastery.’ First is building your personal vision. In this part you should find the things that you really want. As we know, most of people’s dream is kind of negative and simple. Examples of this are people’s dreams to buy an expansive car or a beautiful house to show off their wealth or they hope can they don’t have to work with the person who they hate. The level of this kind of dream is a so low and leads people to feel stressful, because this dream didn’t have any meaning of live. We should have a high level of purpose and positive purposes as our dream. Such as how we can benefit society, how to create a revolution in some area to change the world, and even like how should we can lead our have friendly family relationship, and work in a peaceful working environment. This dream can help people be full of energy in daily life. The second way that we should incorporate “Personal Mastery” is to be full of creative tension when we are fighting for our dream. Most people have their dream, but they will easily lose their dream when they are facing some problems which lead them to feel oppression, so we should have positive attitude when we are facing problems and try our best to solve the problems. The third way we should do this is to learn the structural conflict. During the time when we are working for our dream, there are always some barriers that will stop our steps. If we can know how to remove these troubles in our mind, it can help us be more successful in the future. The fourth way we should do this is commitment to the truth. We should always follow our