Essay on The Fight Against Communism

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The Fight against Communism
Why are people against Communist? J. Edgar Hoover, Sidney Hook, and William O. Douglas have written articles about their opinion relating to Communist expanding throughout our Nation. Communism is a social organization based on the ownership controlled all economic and social activities. J. Edgar Hoover, Sidney Hook, and William O. Douglas have numerous points of view on Communism. Their voices and minds reveals that Communist is not who they say they are. J. Edgar Hoover believed the spread of Communism is a tremendous threat to our nation. Day by day, the number of people enroll in the party’s membership are significant. But Hoover believes the size of the party is irrelevant. Communism spreads
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Defeating Communism by revealing what they really are to the world. All the lies and disguise would be revealed. All the devious plans would be destroy. Our future would not be under a dictator. Our future would be under our own control. Our voices would be heard by others. Our ideas can be taken into considerations. Our rights are equal to one another. It is a very clean way of taking back our country. We do not need guns or fires. We also do not need people lying on the grounds dead. We do not want to see our country that took tremendous amount blood and works that has been dripped and washed away to be destroy because of Communism. Communism is a disease to mankind and it is need to be stopped right away. Communism is not a political party. In Hoover’s eyes Communism is and always will be the entrance to destruction of our peace and an evil way of life. It ruins our liberal. It is also poisoning our youngster’s minds. These three men’s ideas have tried to change our world. They have put every thoughts and time to into writing testimonies. They have presented us that we have a choice to make our nation under Democracy control. Communism claimed they are a political group, but in these three speakers’ eyes, they are a devious and untrustworthy political group. We have feared under their powers and knowing not how to fight back. We have feared abundant of issues since Communism came into existence. Since then we’ve long for the day of