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Christiana Skinner­Walker
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Revolutionary Road In the 2008 film Revolutionary Road, it depicted the lives of a suburban couple, April and Frank Wheeler, who seemed to have fought a battle between each other, as well as within themselves. The internal battle that seemed to stricken them was to either search for their true purpose in life and follow their dreams or to conform in a society where they seemed to “fit in” and be comfortable in their lives. Although April and Frank both neglected to follow their true paths in life, April seemed to have the most convincing argument as to why they should leave their sedentary, suburban lives and live a more exciting and fulfilling life. Through her eager personality, a counter argument, and rebuttal to that argument, it will be shown that April
Wheeler provided the most convincing position as to how their lives should led and how to make the most out of it.
When we were first introduced to April Wheeler, she is an vibrant and passionate woman, who has dreams of pursuing a career of acting and made sure her dreams were a reality.
Although her acting career was short­lived, April always made a way to feel extraordinary in a
“cookie­cutter” society. Along with her husband Frank, she purchased a home that seemed to be one that was like none of the rest and one that could be easily admired by those who surrounded them. As a stay­at­home mother and wife, April grew increasingly dissatisfied with a sedentary lifestyle and longed for more excitement. While she watched her husband grow more and more frustrated with his job, she constantly encourage him to leave his job and follow his dreams as she had done. She reminds him that there is more to life than to wake up every morning and be

unhappy in place where they do not have to stay. April, then, conjures up a plan to move to the beautiful city of Paris, where Frank could explore his true passions, while she provides for their family. With this, April provides an outlet for their family to become different from their surrounding neighbors and cutting­edge because they were following their aspirations in life.
April faithfully reminds her husband that they should do whatever it is that makes them satisfied in life, even if it means moving halfway around the world.
Although April seemed extremely pursuant in living behind her dull life, one might argue that her dreams of making a drastic move to Paris, France was ill­planned and childish. There are several reasons why one would believe this. One reason is the indecisiveness of their finances when they whisk their family away to the foreign country. April states that with their savings, revenue from selling their home and car, and with a secretarial job that she would apply for, the family would have more than enough financial leverage to support them and live an amazing life.
This plan was harshly criticized because their is no guarantee that they would be able to sell their home for the price that they wanted or in the time that they wanted to move. Secondly, there is also no guarantee that she would even get the job of a secretary in France. Another reason