The Finest Hour Speech Analysis

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Their finest hour
When it refers to the war with a largest scale and a highest influence in the world, people will remind the Second World War at once, without hesitation. Too much bloody and violent are teeming with the world, as if the world is going to destroy. During such a dark time, fortunately, there some strong and kind people step forward bravely, giving the final straw to those who lose themselves in the despair. As for United Kingdom, Winston Churchill is the person who assist them adhere a glimmer of hope to resist the fear in this horrible war. Just like himself, his famous speech-Their Finest Hour also contains a magic power to cure and inspire people and a firm conviction that do not give up.
Winston Churchill, an often heard and well-remembered name. He is a British politician, speechmaker, militarist as well as a Nobel Prize winning writer. However, what make him be a true world famous great person are not
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Churchill analyses the military strength of England seriously. He neither magnifies the power of Britain or look down upon at German. He just depicts the factual and true situations to his nations. However, he argues that the Britain’s troop’s is not poor, though there does exist gaps between the Britain and Germen, he claims that they will not be defeated. Whether their country’s all dignity and the freedom of each British can be saved, it all decides by the victory or defeat in the following wars. Consequently, there is no reason to give up the war in the corner and they are not allowed to fail, on the ground that they cannot afford the cost of failure. Once they are defeated by Germany, they will have nothing. It is a tragedy, it is also a truth. Only persistence can lead to a totally different ending, so it is an oath about insisting to win from a country. It intends to simulate the nations to chase a thread of hope, as well as passing a faith that do not give