The Fire In Fahrenheit 451

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The fire throughout Fahrenheit 451 was shown to be both a destructive and a beneficial figure. Fire was first shown to be destructive through the examples of the houses being burnt and the city being bombed. Fire was also shown as being good to the city by bringing it heat and light as well as giving the city a clean restart. The fire in Fahrenheit 451 was shown to be a destructive force, turning the books in the city into ashes. This is first shown in the novel when Montag is first burning a house. “He flicked the igniter and the house jumped up in a gorging fire that burned the evening sky red and yellow and black...While the books went up in sparkling whirls and blew away on a wind turned black with burning”(Bradbury 1,2). This quote …show more content…
Fire helped this society in many ways. It brought warmth. It brought light. The city where Fahrenheit 451 takes place wouldn’t be where it is with all the things fire does for it. Fire is hot, who knew? With it being such a great source of heat, humans have learned to harness the flame’s heat to their benefit. Sitting around making s'mores wouldn’t be possible without a fire to cook them. Cooking in general would be very limited if not for fire’s heat. Fire also heats up people. The houses in Fahrenheit 451 were base of a very advanced version of the 1950’s house from the time Bradbury wrote the story. Those houses had furnaces, so it is safe to assume that Fahrenheit 451 houses would have them, too. The furnaces used fire to keep many houses at the time warm, so it would in the novel. Fire also gives of a lot of light that greatly helps people. Fire was the original form of light. Candles, torches, and lanterns all utilized fire. In the bombs case, the fire brought the city a full restart that the city needed. The whole city was wiped clean by the bomb, showing how the bomb was shown to be a good force late in the