The First Stage Essay

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The First Stage: Searching for Challenges

The Second Stage: Expressing the Problem or Issue

The Third Stage: Investigating the Problem or Issue

The Fourth Stage: Producing Ideas

Having served in the military I can attest to the fact that have experienced all the stages of the creativity process. Creativity comes in different forms and fashion to an individual, which results in combining knowledge and imagination to produce helpful ideas. The creative process includes four stages, Searching for the challenges is the first stage and this take place when an individual can meet or exceed his or her challenge in an imaginative, original, and effective way. For example, I remember when I had to deal with a family member in my unit that was having an alcohol problem. This family member was underage so that made this situation an extremely delicate matter.

The second stage is expressing the problem or issue. The purpose of this stage is to allow an individual to the find the best expression of the issue or problem, which is occurring. According to Rugerrio (2009) different expressions open different avenues of thought, and it is best to consider as many expressions as possible (Para. 4). The mistake that individual make during the expression process is addressing the problem for one perspective only, and this can close off fruitful avenues of thought. For example if a parent finds his or her teenage son is using drugs, but do not know how to reach out to his or her son. The