The Five Stages Of The Rwanda Genocide

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In the past people’s hatred toward other people has shown its effect in many different ways. For instance the Rwanda Genocide. During April 7, 1994-July 1994 800,000 Tutsi ethnic minority were killed by the Hutu ethnic majority. Hutu extremists made anti Tutsi propaganda implying that marrying, doing business, or being friends with the tutsi people was treason. The FPR (Rwandan Patriotic Front) a Tutsi political party in Rwanda utilized guerrilla warfare tactics against the Interahamwe a paramilitary organization that backed a Hutu led government. The FPR’s attempts to take back Rwanda failed and after two years of fighting the French, American, and the Organization of African Unity helped the country organize a cease fire. Even though …show more content…
The first stage is classification, which practically means making people different from each other. The second stage is symbolization. Symbolization is giving the your kind and the other people names or other symbols. The third stage is discrimination. The dominant group in a nation gets the most rights, takes control of the law, and holds back the rights of the group that is being discriminated. The fourth stage is dehumanization. Dehumanization is put forth by the dominant race which says that the lower group is not even human they are animals or even aliens. The fifth stage is organization. The lower group is separated from the dominant group by militias most of the time. The sixth stage is polarization. In polarization extremists drive the groups farther apart. Hate groups control the media and new laws forbid intermarriage between the dominant group and the undesirables. The seventh stage is preparation. The leaders of the hate groups start planning the mass murder of the undesirable people. They start using more euphemisms to cloak their intentions. The eight stage is persecution. The undesirables are made to register, the undesirables might have to wear a special symbol so they could be identified. The ninth stage in extermination. Killing the undesirables becomes legal. Now it is genocide but to the killers it is the extermination of the problem. Armed forces start killing anyone considered a undesirable. The tenth and final stage is denial. As the name says it the killers deny their acts against what they considered undesirable. The killers destroy all the evidence there was of the genocide the