The Five Symbols in My Mandala Essay

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Nayeli Magana November 19, 2012
Period 6 AVID Mandala The five symbols in my mandala represent me. Each symbol represents the most important things in my life. These five objects are other visual appealings of myself. The rainbow represents friendship. Friendship is hope, friendship to me is very important because friendship is like a rainbow. Each color of the rainbow represents each one of my friend’s hope, respect, and honesty. My friends are like my family they are there for me when I need them and they give me good advice when I’m in need of it. A heart represents my most important thing in my life, my family. The heart represents my family because a heart symbolizes love and that’s what a family shares and demonstrates to one another. My family is very important to me because they are the ones who correct me in all my mistakes; they lead me to the right steps and never let me fall in the wrong ones. Ballet shoes represent expression. The ballet shoes represent expression because ballet shoes symbolize dance, and in dance I express my feelings and myself. When I dance I am myself I like to show everyone the real me. Dancing helps me forget about all my problems, when I dance I have fun, I just feel the music run through my body which helps me express myself. The heels represent confidence. Confidence represents heels because heels symbolize myself, what I love to wear, and with what I like to express