The Flat Earth Analysis

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The task was to watch a documentary video and take rhetorical notes on it. A documentary video titled, The Flat Earth : The Proof Of A Flat Earth Documentary "A MUST WATCH" was made by UrBrain Wash. What the video talked about was that the earth is in fact flat. We have grown up learning as little kids thinking it was round but, proven facts differ that we have a flat hemisphere rather than a round hemisphere. UrBrain Wash, convincingly supports his argument that the world is flat through his use of, facts there is land around the equator, proves that the scientific measurements do not lie, and pilots do not have to move their noses down when flying. UrBrain Wash talked about how there is land at the equator, but no one has really thought anything unusual about it. The claim is that, if the world is round, at the rate of speed the world is spinning, there should be water at the equator and not land. The reason why is because as stated, in the video, if you get a tennis ball wet, sit it on the ground and twirled it fast in circle, you will notice that all the water goes to the center of the ball, then gets shot off. So if the world were round, one would now think that water should be being pushed towards the equator, rather than having land there. One may be thinking hard now on how this way be …show more content…
As stated in the video, if the world were round, a pilot would having to be dipping the nose of the plane down every five minutes to stay around the curve of the world. In a plane there is an artificial horizon based on the gyroscope and if you spin the gyroscope, it will want to stay upright. Although, if the plane has a gyroscope and it starts flowing the curve of the earth, it will stay upright which means the artificial horizon would start to roll backwards but, it does not so therefore, the plane flies over a flat