The Flying Machine Literary Devices

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"Flying Machine" by Ray Bradbury is a short story that reveals that losing beauty is necessary to retain what little beauty is left and this thought is because of the fear that comes over someone. The short story revolves around an emperor in China around 400 A.D. making the decision of killing a flyer who saw that the machine would one day be used for bad things. Through literary devices used in the story, Bradbury explores the fear of others may alter their ideas, and that dark surpasses the thought of light. The themes are also the freedom of peace comes first before destruction, it is also asked of what is the life of one man against those of a million of others. The tone changes drastically throughout the story and this emphasizes the problem that comes along. In the beginning of the story the tone is happy and mood is light and peaceful as the diction word choices are: "sweet", "the sun has risen”, “sea is blue" this conveys that the land is at peace and the setting is a beautiful place. The first paragraph sets the setting to be in China which is at "peace" and at time of "harvest" this symbolizes that the land is prosperous and has protection because of …show more content…
"The Flying Machine", by Ray Bradbury, discusses the theme of technological advances are eventually going to be used for bad intentions, and shows the significance of the bad side of things surpasses the thought of the good things. Through the use of literary devices, narrative characterization, and themes, the story reflects on how fear corrupts one’s decision as the emperor fear of losing security made him irrationally kill the flyer. The emperor knows what he did was terrible, but he just wanted to be in a utopia for his country. It is not technology to be feared but the man with evil desires, this man will take out the beauty and replace it with