Essay on The Forgotten Group Member

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Each student is required to analyze this week’s case study and submit a 2–3 page paper addressing the key questions identified below. Remember that all case studies present both too much and too little information. There may be information presented that is not really relevant, and there may be scant information about a key area. This analysis does require interpretation of the information and there is not “one” right answer. However, you must explain and defend any assumptions you made and\or conclusions resulting from your analysis with citations from the text or from the case itself. There is no need to research outside sources for this paper.

CASE 7: The Forgotten Group Member
Developed by Franklin Ramsoomair, Wilfred Laurier
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She wondered how to deal with this. She also remembered the incident last week. Just before class started, Diane, Janet, Steve, and she were joking with one another before class. They were laughing and enjoying themselves before Sandra came in. No one noticed that Mike had slipped in very quietly and had unobtrusively taken his seat.
She recalled the cafeteria incident. Two weeks ago, she had gone to the cafeteria to grab something to eat. She had rushed to her accounting class and had skipped breakfast. When she got her club sandwich and headed to the tables, she saw her OB group and joined them. The discussion was light and enjoyable as it always was when they met informally. Mike had come in. He’d approached their table. “You guys didn’t say you were having a group meeting,” he blurted. Christine was taken aback.
We just happened to run into each other. Why not join us?”
“Mike looked at them, with a noncommittal glance. “Yeah … right,” he muttered, and walked away.
Sandra Thiel had frequently told them that if there were problems in the group, the members should make an effort to deal with them first. If the problems could not be resolved, she had said that they should come to her. Mike seemed so distant, despite the apparent camaraderie of the first meeting.
An hour had passed, bringing the time to 3 P.M., and Christine found herself biting the tip of her