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The forgotten war typically refers to the Korean War. I feel that the term is sometimes used as a mechanism to get attention to particular books, movies, documentaries and more. After WWII, the Soviet Union and the United States divided their control over the Korean Peninsula. The split made problems from the beginning, and maters only got worse because of how different the controlling countries were. The United Nations tried to oversee an election that would potentially help end the partition, but the Soviets refused to allow t in the Northern parts. The South elected syngman Flee in May 1948, North Korean communists countered by electing Kim Il- Sung. Then the North began building up their Military strength while they hoped that the fascist military forces would be withdrawn. However, the United States did not withdraw until a year later, and left a weak Southern army with only about 500 military advisors for support. The troops dug into both sides of the 38th parallel and regularly fired at each other. On June 25, 1950, North Korea crossed the parallel in a full-scale war, destroying anything in its path. South Korea was outraged. Therefore they declared war on each other. Since the war had started, there have been 3 major battles which initially lead to the war to end the way it did, the battle of Chosin Reservoir, Seoul, and Inchon.

this battle we see both sides putting in tremendous efforts, the battle ended in pure devastation, and this overshadowed upcoming events. Truly, there was a lesson to learn from the battle, yet nobody had recognized it till the war was over. This battle shows that the fighting of the people kept going back and forth, and the casualty rate kept increasing. Doesn’t this give you a clue? There is no point in killing more people, when someone is going to try and recapture it over, and over again. This is the reason why the war had ended the way it did. The countries should’ve seen it coming.
The Korean War was also called the Vietnam before Vietnam, as the war had shown intense devastation, but nowhere near as that of Vietnam. It seemed like the building blocks to an extreme, high death rate war. However, the Korean War was a very bloody conflict, with horrific civilian casualties numbering in the millions. U.S air power, including the firebombing of cities, reduced North Korea to rubble. Dams were deliberately targeted, with resulting floods and destruction…