The Four Aspects Of Writing A Business Plan By William Sahlman

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I have recently been considering writing my business plan. I am nowhere near the point where I actually want to open my business but I think a business plan will give me the opportunity to take a close look at my ideas and the finances involved. What this article made me realize is that the business plan is not just for the bank, it is also for the person who wrote the business plan. Writing a business plan gives you the big picture and helps you decided if your idea for a business is a good idea or if it needs to be changed. William Sahlman discusses the four attributes that a business plan should address. I will consider my current employer and how they address these attributes.

I am not sure if disclosing my employer in this discussion topic is in my best interest, but I will say it is a government entity and has been around for many years. I enjoy my job and the people I work with. I can’t speak for all the employees because there are about 3,000 of us, but I can say that the individuals I come in contact with on a daily basis are enjoyable and efficient. Everyone I work with is there to fulfill a common goal. We each understand our duties and most everyone is equipped with the necessary resources to do what they are there to do. The best part about the people I work with and for is everyone is resourceful. If there is something you don’t know it is almost a guarantee that someone in your department will know. The only issue with the people is everyone is put into groups. I think CEO’s should work a little harder to make everyone one big team.

The industry I work in is massive and has been around for many years. When the industry first started many years ago it was quite small and grew as customers appreciate how useful it was. It has now grown to be something that us humans couldn’t imagine being without. The service my industry provides is extremely useful and the possibility of it every being eliminated is nearly impossible. The opportunity for personal growth with my company is endless as well. It is not uncommon for someone to work there for 30 years. I am actually responsible for creating the years of service certificates. There is plenty of room for growth and most everyone takes full advantage of the fact that management encourages you to apply for that better internal job, or ask for an increase. I can honestly say my employer wants everyone to find the perfect spot for them within the company. I try to encourage people to be the best asset to the organization they know how to be. Also if I see a position on the internal site that seems to fit one of my coworkers I pass it along to them so if interested they can apply.

It is clear based on the length of time the company I work for has been around and the capacity of what they have been able to do that the context is pure and well understood. The