The Four Elements of Writing a Good Paper

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People are usually having question of how to write a good paper. There are a lot of chances for us to write a paper, being able to write a good paper could be really helpful for us, either on academic and career. There are four elements that could help us to write a good paper; appropriate style, clear and expressive thinking, originality, and good presentation. If we use it when we are writing a paper, the paper will be greatly improved. Writing a paper with appropriate style is important. Using different style could make a big different, such as “The sun was hot”, and “The circular suns red flames burned with blistering heat”. The second one is obviously giving better imagination to the reader. Working on a research paper and a persuasive paper also need different style. A research paper should not contain any personal opinion, but a persuasive paper is giving opinion based on the fact to persuade the reader. Clear and expressive thinking is the second element. A good essay will demonstrate clear expression and thought with logical progression. The content must be well organized, so that the reader could fully understand the paper. If a paper is not logical and organized, it would be a hard time for the reader to read it. The third element is the originality of the paper. Showing evidence by citing others work is a common method to back up our view, but it’s also important to keep the originality of the paper, because just to cite others work will not show our own