The four functions of management Essay

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The four functions of management are the following:
Planning is the first component of management. It requires a manager to recognize the company’s or organization’s goals and strategies, and to achieve them. Even though planning involves the same thought process, different types of plans are made for different functions. Although planning is an ongoing process, it is a good tool for managers to forecast the future business conditions.
Organizing is an important duty for managers because if he or she doesn’t delegate tasks correctly by choosing the right people for certain jobs, work will not be done proficiently. Making he or she has all the necessary resources for the employees so that tasks are done efficiently is key. Inefficient organization can lead to chaos amongst co-workers and managers. By having organization, you’ll have the confidence to provide direction, work, and authority to your staff.
Leading Every manager must aim at being a good leader. A leader focuses on interpersonal relations with each employee and constantly motivates them to perform better. By creating a positive working environment a leader can effectively help the job performance. Following manager’s orders is done by the employee because it is his or her job, but following a leader is something that is done willingly. By leading you will influence and inspire people in a particular way, which makes them feel motivated to do their job.
Controlling the various functions in the organization to ensure they are on the right path with the goals they’ve set out in the planning process. Controlling involves setting performance standards for the employees and evaluating their work performance.
There are 3 types of leadership styles. Autocratic Leadership is when one individual or manager takes initiative and makes his own decisions without considering the teams ideas or thoughts. Although when a manager needs to make quick decisions in a emergency situation, for him or her, their call is the best one to make at that particular time. Participative leadership is consists of managers interacting with their employees to achieve their goals. This style is the opposite of autocratic leadership. Participative may be a little more time consuming thus everyone in higher and lower levels of management of work are giving Free-rein leadership gives the freedom to employees by their management to accomplish goals at their own time and pace and gives a more relaxed atmosphere in the work environment. Possessing these types of leadership styles can be beneficial to the business atmosphere and have an impact on sales as well because if you give your employees the benefit of the doubt, and show them trust,, their work will show and they’ll bring in more money as a result.
The main difference between leaders and managers are that leaders will tend to get their “hands dirty” per say and actually help in the given problem where as a manager, he is expecting you to provide answers and results without his help. Managers tend to delegate duties to others or make them stay overtime if necessary, if the job isn’t done. I believe leadership and management can be related in terms of business. To be a