The Four Grand Masters Of The World

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Eldon Ulsh
English 12
September 20, 2013
The year 4000nthe fight with the shadow kings The year is 4000 and the humans live in piece cents the last Great War. But piece never lasts forever there is new enemy now as the shadow kings. The rulers of the nine shadow worlds. These kings want to take over the nine world of humanoid to create the nine sword keys if they create all nine sword keys they will be able to open all nine gates to the nine element worlds. If they get control over all nine worlds of the element’s they will be able to take over the nine galaxies. Unless someone stops them. And the people to stop them are the five grand masters. The twelve grand masters have different abilities from the different plants they come from. The first grand master is Eldon he comes from the plant earth his ability is the power of the tiger dragon. The second grand master is Ichigo he comes from the plant sword his ability less him take all of his spirit energy into his zanpakuto (means sword) to fire the getsuga tenshou (Moon Fang Striking The Sky) which destroys an entire army with one hit. The third grand master is Naruto he comes from the plant ninja he has all nine tail best sealed inside of him calls upon their energy to take out the enemy. The fourth grand master is natsu he comes from the plant of fairy tail he has an ancient form of magic, or "Lost Magic", that grants him the physical properties of a dragon. The fifth grand master is lelouch he comes from