The Four Philosophies In The Movie Matrix

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Waiman Lee Liang

Question: Four philosophical ideologies are featured in the movie Matrix, what are these philosophies, how are they used to enhance the plot and what effect does it have?

“Knowing thyself” on the Oracle’s wall indicates that it is important to know oneself. In the movie Matrix, there are a lot of ideas and philosophies that defines reality in the world. As Neo awakens and becomes incredulous as he realizes that the world he has been in, the Matrix, was unreal. The four philosophies applied in Matrix are “Plato’s Allegory of the Cave”, “The Work of René Descartes”, “Simulacra and Simulation” and “Socrates’ Visit to the Oracle of Delphi”. By using these four philosophies, it gives the movie more depth and illustrates different perspectives of illusion.

“Plato’s Allegory of the Cave” explored the idea of illusion. Plato envisions borned prisoners in a cave. They were told to look one way, where the shadows are located. In their minds, they think that the shadows are real until one prisoner turns his head and sees the statue of the real object being projected by the fire turned into the shadow. He realizes that what they deemed real was all an illusion. This connects to the Matrix as the Neo awakens and was told that the world he has been in has been an illusion. The Matrix
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This philosophy was illustrated on the quote “Know thyself” written on the Oracle’s wall. It illustrates that to obtain true wisdom, one will have to know their own unintelligence because being able to do so shows that one is not in an illusion of in his own intelligence. This was shown when Neo went to the Oracle’s house and denies that he was the one. He expresses that he is confused and unconfident of being the one. This philosophy adds depth to the plot as it allows the audience to think and question their own