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Fourth Dimension
In a distant dimension, there was a place where dreams were reality. If you dreamt it, it happened. Some people used it for good like dreaming of someone else’s good fortune but there were also restrictions on dreaming. They had machines that made you dream of a possible future that would have no effects on the predicted future. However if you did a good deed or earned a good dream you will be able to dream anything you want. But even then you were restricted on some aspects. The rules were as follows; you could make yourself as rich as you want, but you status will not change; you can wish to heal a disease, but cannot bring some back from the dead or wish to live forever; and the biggest rule of all you cannot dream of love at all. They had strict rules on love and the idea of love itself. Love was for children, the emotion was based off of looks or other factors, not truly the person themselves. This rule was often broken and they were banished to go beyond the outer wall of the city. No one had been outside of this wall and ever earned the right to come back.
To the people of this dimension, who were called quads, life was thriving but there were minor interruptions in this perfection. Love was becoming a major issue to control. Since the leaders chooses who marries who they pick the perfect match in IQ and looks, not personality, so the baby comes out at the perfect IQ and look for the class. The people of this dimension were divided into ranks. The ranks were categorized by the army military rank system. You could tell just by looking at someone what class they were in but just in case there was a flaw in the making of a quad people had to wear name and rank tags, dog tags, at all times. The cities were constructed by the people themselves. So obviously the people of higher wealth and intelligence would have more of a luxurious home. Although money is used to purchase things around the world, wealth doesn’t measure status. Your status is shown in intelligence, looks and most importantly the number of dreams you have earned. Each rank has a number of dreams associated to it. You can earn a dream by saving someone’s life. Doctors earn most of their dreams from this. Also saving the government from a hostile dream takeover would grant you a dream. So the families that make up the class of four star generals are almost guaranteed a spot as a general, unless the blood line is lost. Most of the people who are generals now have ancestors that were the first doctors or government officials. This makes it really hard for up-in-comers to assume a General position. Dreams are very rare and if you get one you are pretty honored for that day. The only reason they are honored is so maybe they will get helped in some way from his or hers dream.
Dreams are controlled by Dream-Bed-Modifiers. They custom make each dream for each person so that every dream is plausible and likely to happen. All dreams are linked to the same time line. But since everything is predicted the government has a solid hold on dreamers. Most of the dreamers who make radical decisions in their dreams are banished past the outer wall. Only man says that he has been past he outer wall but no one believes him. Everyone thinks that it is just a large pit of lava so once you get kicked out you’ll die before you even get a chance to do anything about it. Thomas Greenhorn is the one who says that he has been past the outer wall and survived. He says that it is a barren wasteland of ice. It is so cold that you can’t even think let alone dream of anything that could get you out. He says that he had found a large river that led him to a warmer place just warm enough for him to pass out and dream of being home again and there he was the next morning on his couch. His family was there but they didn’t seem the same. He claims that they brain washed them for they would be the only people who would believe this crazy story. But they were wrong.