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Light Gives Heat is described as a Non Profit on a mission to empower the masses through film and profit. Initially, I was concerned that it was a non profit and not a Fourth Sector company, but upon further research, I realized that they are indeed a Fourth Sector Company.

Light Gives Heat has an interesting business model. A business model that I would like to describe as not only having a strong model in alignment with Corporate Social Responsibility, but also using multimedia; TV, Social Media and E Commerce in its marketing, awareness and business operations. Their mission is to create world change through curating and partnering with world changers around the globe. With nearly a decade of experience in economic development in rural Africa, Light Gives Heat exists to tell stories that are changing the world. With an expertise in product development, marketing, branding and film, Light Gives Heat is in the business of pointing out beauty and change wherever it can be found. An article in the Huffington Post titled "5 Social Entrepreneurs Who Could Change the World” July 8th 2014, Light Gives Heat is described as a 501( c ) 3 nonprofit organization that is run like a first class for profit company. Hence my choice.

The company was founded, I should say, on love. Founders Dave and Morgan Hansow fell in love with a little girl in Uganda. They decided to leave their home in Colorado with their 2 year old son and moved to be with the little girl in Uganda. They were inspired by a people who defied their preconceived notions of what they would find. The family was inspired to tell the stories of these people through film and some kind of TV network of their own and also create employment by selling the creations of these people, specifically the women. In their own words, they state “They showed us that love wins, hope prevails, and joy isn’t dependent on circumstances- that with simple actions, anybody could play a part in changing the world. Light Gives heat was born. Creativity, passion and idealism collided and our lives would never be the same.”

Back in the United States, LGH began telling the stories. They used modern means of marketing such as film and social media and sold over 50,000 handmade