The Framers and the People by Alfred F.Young Essays

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Jose Alcazar
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April 2, y

Interpretive Essay
The Framers and the People

"The Framers and the People" by Alfred F. Young is a piece of literature that explains a side of a debate that was uncommon to hear at the time. In this essay, I will try to use my knowledge of the time period and my knowledge of outside information to interpret the piece in a deeper manner. This writing talks about the Framers, wealthier and better educated than the average American. Nearly all of them had experience in state and national governments, and many of them had fought in the revolution. Because of this, this essay can be difficult to understand at times and shows how the average person needs a different way of a approaching an essay of this type. Even so, I do in fact agree with Young's Point of view.
There are many reasons why this piece of writing could be difficult to read. For example, "The Framers and the People" uses political jargon or terminology, if you will. This could very easily throw people off who don't understand the words and maybe even motivate them to put the article down and stop reading. But let's say that you do indeed know what the essay is talking about and do indeed know the political terminology. I still believe it is hard to read because this essay is not constructed in chronological order, but more in sections with their own date parameters. This type of formatting could get messy if your reader doesn't catch on.
I believe that the author, Alfred F Young has the right stance in this situation. The author examines the reasons why the Constitution was not completely biased towards the people that wrote it; white, landowning men. I completely agree with him that "The framers of the constitution represented the interests of slaveholding planters, Merchants, and monied men. But they accommodated the genius of the people, not because they were saints, but because they feared the wrath of ordinary citizens." (Young 1) The framers met in Philadelphia to create a stronger national