The French and Indian War Essay

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The French and Indian war, is one of the most country changing events that has taken place in America. After the American revolution, this left Britain and the British colonies in disagreement with each. Many different occurrences took place after the French and Indian war. Due to many quarrels, different acts, laws, rebellions, and massacres came into existence between 1763-1774. All these events that took place, led to colonies wanting independence. After the French and Indian war, many colonists wished to move westward. However, the Proclamation of 1763 was established by King George III in England. The purpose of the Proclamation of 1763, was to restrict colonists from migrating westward of the Appalachian Mountains. The Indians lived westward of the Appalachians, and didn’t like the British. However, the main purpose of the French and Indian war was for this land. The colonists were outraged resulting in them rebelling, and moving westward. The king sent British soldiers, however, they couldn’t stop them. Along side to this Proclamation, the Sugar Act was passed. The king had lost large sums of money due to the war. King George III placed taxed on imported goods such as, sugar, molasses, paper, glass, lead, paint, and tea. Colonists were upset at the new taxes they had to pay, but they were more upset at the King and Parliament. Both the King and Parliament forced the colonists without their consent.
The Stamp Act was passed in 1765. The King of England and Parliament placed taxes on all paper. All paper must of had a stamp on it symbolizing the tax they paid. Stamps were required on playing cards, legal documents (passports, birth certificates), and newspapers. Although colonists were livid about paying more taxes, what really enraged them was that the King and Parliament were passing these acts without the colonists consent. On top of this, colonists were forced to open their homes to soldiers because the king didn’t have money to fund them. Patrick Henry was working against the government. Patrick Henry was fortunate enough to live. Normally