Essay on The French Revolution

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The French Revolutuion

1) -- Both Louis XVI and Robespierre both die the same fatal death that they’ve caused on to others. Louis the 16th lived such a lavish life causing the poor to up rise and take action. While the king ate away about more then enough food that could feed more then 1000 people the poor when into riots breaking into bakery shops and robbing others for “bread”. The English loved bread and would do anything for it. But this was much more then just justice of food. The society was growing and all its resources were growing scarce. King Louis wasn’t much into neither leading nor loving. He was incompetent as a leader, but he was much aware of that and was not even ready to become king when was crowned.
-- Robespierre comes into the picture as a deputy to be a voice for justice. But as time goes on it turns from justice to power. Once they saw they could defy their king they took full charge. But now as time passed and Louie was in Paris his power seemed to have shrinked and he wanted all of it back but the only way he thought he could do that is make a run for freedom and get a foreign army. But he gets caught and loses the bond between him and his followers. Where now Robespierre takes this chance to voice more of his opinion and raves about the death penalty. Long story short they believe everyone should have equal death, and that is what both Louie and Robespierre come to. All that they have made come to die; they will reap what they sow and die the same death and who ever didn’t…