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The way i see it is that he looked like he was trying to commit suicide if you put the film a side that's what it looks like.
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Why the **** didn't they high five him?
Hide Hide All +Fav (0) Reply +34 User avatar#1 - critique (8 hours ago) [-] he jumps out so early that even a car would have had time to swerve away from him...
That in itself only adds to the fail.

(on a side note, suicide is never the only way out, and anyone considering it should get help, or at least talk to somebody about it)
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He never intended to kill himself. This gif is from the (excellent) film Mr. Nobody, and the protagonist is trying to stop the car (or so he thinks) which has his gf/step sister in it.
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Wait is the GF his step sister? Or does the vehicle contain both his GF AND his Step Sister?
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The girlfriend is his step sister, iirc. Watch the movie, it's very much worth it. One of my favourites.
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Wait, so there are other people who will help me commit suicide?
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Big Ass Rock - The Full Monty