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The G-20 Toronto Summit was a get together of a group of twenty Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors in the city of Toronto to help keep up the global economy and discuss matters of such nature. During the G20 meeting, many things outside Metro Convention Centre were going on, which led into a disastrous riot by angry protesters in June of 2010. Things got out of hand when vicious mobs partook in violent acts, as a result there were more than 1,100 arrests during the 2010 weekend summit made by the police. In my opinion, the excessive use of violent and the childish behaviour were not needed because there were innocent individuals being threatened. A majority of the Torontonians participated in peaceful protests, while the others in attendance took part in a violent riot, by setting police vehicles on fire and damaging private property. The majority of the protests had one main desire, which was ‘westernisation’. All the problems caused were due to international companies going out of their way to get as much money as possible. They are ready to exceed any extent to get as much money as they can for lowest cost. This problem is getting bigger and bigger due to westernization; this is mainly because our first priority is always money. “Money truly is the root of all evil”. The G20 should be discussing more about world issues and their effects, for instance, organisations as IMF, OECD and etc. have on the places that are dependent on these organisations. They try to show that they are adopting western values in other countries in need of aid by lending loans. The actuality about loans is that the rich become richer while on the other hand, the poor become poorer. This system is placing the poor and developing countries in deeper stress and debt then what they started off with.…