The Importance Of Education

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Jason Movaghar

Nowadays education has become such a big part of society that you cannot be living a nice comfortable life usually without getting your degree from a four-year institution. Education is the key that makes this planet and society develop to a more advanced environment in so many ways. The main advancement of course is the technology that we have today, almost everything that we use on a daily routine wouldn’t be possible without the technology we have. For example our cell phones, laptops, cars, etc. These are some of the things that make life easier for us and the rest of the population.
“Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself” John Dewey once stated. This quote to me is interesting in so many ways because it could be understood and taken in many different ways. The way I acknowledge and understand this quote is that it is saying not only is education what gets you prepared for your future during your youth but it is what this world is made out of and it is what makes this world go around.
Personally I agree and disagree with this quote in many ways. Yes of course without education we wouldn’t be where we are today living in such an advanced era, but I do think that there is way more to life than just education and that is not the only thing that makes this planet go around. For example a person can take a completely different route after just getting basic education and be just as successful