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The Garden Depot
Issue Analyzed:
How to best address Derek Sinclair’s poor work performance
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Jeff O’leary
January 27, 2015

Executive Summary:
There are several problems within the landscaping division. Sinclair has been unable to properly fill out job slips and time sheets, fabricating issues with keeping proper inventory and also customers are not being invoiced for the proper amounts. Sinclair is unqualified for the job and it appears that he is not concerned about the inefficiencies within his department. He often gives his work to other employees for them to complete. Sinclair also does not have the proper skill set to be a manager of the landscaping
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The Landscaping Manager, Derek Sinclair, the son-in-law of the owner, Murray King, fails to provide correct job slips to bill customers, and refuses to answer the customer complaints about him. With growing complaints from customers about Sinclair and his work habits, Bowman questions Sinclair’s abilities as manager while taking on most of his responsibilities, and also the health of the company. Jayme Strong, a full-time landscaper working for the firm, appears to be working on personal jobs during company time and stealing the supplies to complete these jobs.

Janice Bowman, a manager for the company’s Administration Office, has been experiencing stressful days because of the problems she has been dealing with at work. One of her most troublesome issues is dealing with Derek Sinclair, the manager of the landscaping department. Sinclair was hired in spite of the fact that he does not have any experience in landscaping or management. Bowman does not feel comfortable addressing her concerns about Sinclair to the owner of The Garden Depot due to their relationship.
Sinclair often does not follow up with customer complaints regarding the landscaping division, and Sinclair himself. Another one of the problems occurring in the landscaping department is the submission of incorrect job slips used for invoicing customers. Job slips are the