The Generation That Continues to Follow Essay

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College Composition I
29 Aug, 2013
The Generation that Continues to Follow Have you taken a good look around lately? You see everyone around you, but do they see you? Chances are according “How Tech-Savvy Students Use Social Media: POLL by Stacy A. Anderson” 74% of them were on their personal devices checking up on the exponentially increasing number of applications readily available on the apple and android marketplaces. Sadly, this phenomenon isn’t just in overcrowded DMV’s or any other area in which one might sucumb to vast amounts of waiting time; This is happening all over, affecting age groups from middle and high schools all the way up to people in their early thirties. More and more people can been seen walking down the street completely oblivious to their surroundings, heads down, feet in front of them stumbling while they follow the crowd like a herd of sheep. Often they find questions racing through their heads: Did I update my twitter, has my status obtained a sufficient amount of likes to retain my social status; what about my clothes, my phone, my hair are they all still in style? Life goes by very quickly for most and as you look back on your years growing up; you might find yourself asking where did the years go? But when you check your wall on facebook all you see is everything you’ve done was all just the same attempt that the millions of other millennials made to try and fit into the socially accepted stereotype of what was “Cool” or “Swagged Out” falsely believing that the world needed to get a minute to minute update of how you “Just got back from the mall with some “FRESH” new kicks” when thirty thousand people in your area just bought the same shoes. Day by day you wake up to check your phone, of which you have lying right next to your bed, and say to yourself, “ Is what I picked out today still in, will I look so yesterday if I am seen in this? ”. The Millennial generation sees themselves as individuals, yet they all seem to seek the hottest brands of the latest hip clothes, the newest smart personal devices, and slang terms to use whether texting or speaking face to face. Through this we can see the Millennial generation is not a group of individuals but rather a group striving so hard just to fit in with one another.
By altering the common social opinion to a much more conformable style, it increases the amount of people that can be “Cool”. For example, two identical products such as the ever so trending IPhone and its companion the Otterbox, of which come in a vast variety of colours and styles, can easily be made “individualized” by simply swapping the silicon of one case with another to get a color combination that is more than likely already suggested on the products website. This is again seen in clothes, as of now skinny jeans are in, but being that one pair is teal with a few studs and the other an opaque green with the exact same stud pattern they are not the same, though they may be the same size and brand the millennial generation will argue tooth and nail that the jeans are far from similar.
I would strongly recommend that you skip the part where you try to force the idea that just because something is a different color its still made by the same company and is…