The Genetic Debate Essay

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Ramon Berber
6th Period English

The Genetic Engineering Debate

“Despite the controversy and potential limitations scientists argued that cloning could have beneficial use for society including preserving endangered species and advancing the medical understanding of aging and diseases” (“Genetic Engineering”). Researchers have gathered as much data from past experiments and had more accomplishments than setbacks.
Genetic Engineering can be proven useful to many humans and other organisms by using informative articles or research journals. like one Article called “Genetic Engineering” by a researcher who studied cloning their whole life. It has been said that many experiments have failed and risky to go on further because of the endless possibilities that something might go wrong. It has been proven by many more experiments that cloning can be an asset in the development of genetic engineering. By cloning organisms it can bring back advantages that can be used to cure diseases and create resources for humans and other living organisms Before going on any further with the other discussions, people need to understand the fundamentals of Genetic Engineering to understand the controversy. Before anything else, people need to discuss the importance of these specific terms that will help you have a clearer view of Genetic Engineering. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, Genetic Engineering is “The science of making changes to the gene of a plant or animal to produce a desired result”
(Webster). Scientists have been trying for quite awhile in trying to change the
Genes in the DNA but still has so much to learn about the different parts of genetic engineering that make it up. But

the basics are Genes which is “
A sequence of DNA that contains information directing an organism to function in a particular way” (Webster's). This will help them because this is where scientists can use to have any specific traits they need for their experiments. Now DNA is sort of the same but DNA is “Deoxyribonucleic acid, the molecule that contains the body's genetic code the instructions the body uses to build tissues and organs and run physical processes”
(Webster’s). Now this is where the scientists use the DNA and control how the body functions and would be a great use in manipulating the genes in a DNA to have the specific traits they need.
As have said previously, studying these specific terms can help everyone have a better understanding in this unique and detailed process of genetic engineering. As people can see below are some other terms that are need to know basis and help people as well. Over the course of the history the evolution of the understanding of DNA has changed and scientists can now alter anything in the DNA. The theory of evolution was first introduced by economics professor Thomas Malthus. His theory of evolution according to an essay he wrote on the Principles Of Population “ The earth can provide only limited resources and therefore population of any living thing including humans, will naturally complete for those limited resources”(Malthus). Malthus’s theory is possible especially that most of our resources have begun to drop and scientists have noticed. So it is up to them to create more resources so that the lives on this planet can be preserved. But it wasn’t till recently that scientists have actually begun testing but that doesn’t mean people tried before. “Gregor Mendel writes a paper entitled
‘Experiments with plant hybrids’ which will be all but ignored until the turn of the twentieth century, and which describes the method by which traits push from one generation to the next”

(“The Cloning Debate”). Scientists could've been half way done with their research by now but scientists were too afraid of what the outcomes could be, but now since they have the correct equipment to proceed with this project. Scientists have still debated