Essay on The Genocide

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“Thou shall not be a victim, thou shall not be a perpetrator, but above all, thou shall not be a bystander.” (Yehuda Bauer) – reflections of survivors of the Holocaust echoed through our generations, their reminders and pleas to humanity and society as a whole remind us that we must stand up in the face of adversity to never again let such crucial events such as the Genocide within the Holocaust happen again.

The Genocide, from 1941 to 1945 was a time were suffering and slaughter overtook the Jewish and out casted society. Destruction reigned with clout during the time period of the Holocaust in which the caustic events that unfolded led to the Genocide, the systematic attempt of German authorities during World War II to kill all and every Jew in aspirations to destroy Jews as a group. From the veracity of the German perpetrators, the evil mindset of the Government, and the legacy of the heroic survivors, the legacy of the Genocide touched almost every sector of the German and Jewish society. In the beginning of 1941, Hitler set out with a drive and demand for extinction. The Germans set out on a mission, clear and determined, there was one goal on their mind, to commit mass slaughter of Jews throughout Eastern Europe, targeting others as well such as Gypsies, Catholics, Jehovah’s witnesses, homosexuals, and other minorities that did not meet the standard of Hitler’s vision of the ultimate human race- the Germans, “To the anti-Semitic Nazi leader Adolf