The Gestapo Is Born Analysis

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According to the texts, the Holocaust had a negative effect on the people who lived through it. Jews were the first made to fear the Gestapo so greatly that they often felt they had to do as they were told. They were put in ghettos and concentration camps where they were abused or treated like animals. Eventually 6 to 9 billion people died as a result of the Holocaust. According to the three texts, Holocaust survivors suffered negative effects due to the fact they had been abused, lost loved ones, and treated as less than humans. In the article titled, “The Gestapo is Born” by the History Place, describes the horrible ways on people losing their loved ones by seeing them disappear without a trace. The article enlightens us about the Gestapo and their protocols towards the removal of Jews, and or other victims. The article writes, “They were usually arrested in the middle of the night and whisked off to far away prisons for torture-interrogation, eventually arriving at a concentration camp in Germany if they survived.” (Para.18 History Place). By analyzing this quote, we can see that Families, Friends or neighbors, were ripped apart from each other constantly. No matter who you are, or …show more content…
In a personal testimony titled, “Jakob’s Story” Jakob Blankitny tells about his hellish, nightmare experience during the holocaust. Jakob states, “..we were tattooed with numbers.” (Para.6). Jakob later adds on by saying, “we were beaten and abused constantly...gave us coffee and a piece of bread.” (Para.8). These two quotes show the cruel conditions they went through on a daily basis. They would experience malnutrition, as a effect of this they often have the resemblance of skeletons. These victims were seen as either property or animals, nothing more. They were counted as they ate, even tattooed with numbers on their arms. They were so fearful and injured that they couldn’t fight back, they accepted whatever their faith