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During the French Revolution there were many causes that had to do with the discontent felt by the French people. There were political, social, and economic conditions in France. The enlightenment ideas helped the government and society. There would be disputes between the different social classes in the French Society. The revolution led to many changes in France.

There were many causes of the French Revolution such as Social causes. As told in (Doc 2) the Third Estate thought that there was an unfair social structure. 2% of the nobles owned more than half percent of the land than 90% of the middle class. The old Regime , France clung to old social systems. The Clergy were against the Enlightenment. Another social cause was that there was a rise of ,middle class which was the bourgeoisie. “the working classes were incapable of starting or controlling the Revolution.” (Doc 4) The third estate sent elected officials to this meeting, they were mostly bourqesoiuse. The third estate was always out voted 2-1 and was fed up with it. There was also political causes between the estates. For example there were meetings of the estates general. “The meeting of the Estates General.. shall be scheduled for definite times in order to assure the third estate the influence it deserves because of its numbers .. its votes in the assembly should be taken by head..” (Doc 3) The nobility were against absolutism and against the growing middle class. All there estates prepared a list of grievances in a notebook, they had regular meetings of the Estates General. Another political cause was the creation of the Declaration of American Independence. “ The ideas of the philosophes were not directly responsible for the out break .. but