The Girl In The Blue Coat Book Analysis

Words: 290
Pages: 2

Amsterdam. 1943. Courage. Hope. All these ____intertwine, in this riveting, and compelling Historical Fiction novel “The Girl in the Blue Coat”, by Monica Hesse. This book takes place in World War II and is narrated through the eyes of 18-year-old Hanneke Bakker. On behalf of her boss, she smuggles black market goods that she gets from the dead’s ration cards to paying customers. She does this for her family’s survival, and to stay away from suffering. She haunted by the memories of when her boyfriend, Bas died, and the anger that she felt blaming it on who was her best friend Elsbeth for loving a Nazi. She has grown accustomed to the dangerous risk of what could happen if she got caught, and she flirts with the green soldiers trying to