The Giver AIG Project Essay

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The Giver A.I.G Project
Ehi Audu
Mrs. Blue
1st period

5. Assignments

Abby Lopez is energetic, most of the time happy, humorous, and has a cheerful disposition.
I think a good assignment for Abby will be Recreation Director.
Abby is very energetic, and I think that Recreation Directors should be energetic, happy, humorous, and they should have a cheerful disposition. Abby has all these special characteristics, and will be an excellent Recreation Director. Katy Beasley is gentle, very funny, nice and organized. I think a good assignment for Katy will be Nurturer. Katy is very gentle and funny, and I think that Nurturers have to be gentle and funny so that the babies they care for can enjoy their growing up. Katy is also nice and organized, and Nurturers should be organized so that they don’t lose a newborn, or worse. Katy has all of these characteristics and will make a wonderful Nurturer.

12. Be a Critic

The book I was asked multiple of times to review is
The Giver by Lois Lowry. This book is for all lovers of science fiction. The book is about a boy named Jonas who lives in a ‘perfect community’. This community is different than many others; this community has no color, music, or love. They live in a world of Sameness, a place where it seems everyone is the same. Soon, this normal boy will meet the Giver, a man with more knowledge than anyone in the community. The job of the Giver is to give memories to
Jonas, good and bad, which will give Jonas the knowledge and wisdom to lead the community. I would love to create a new society with Jonas,