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The Giver

The author, Lois Lowry, was trying to relay a strong message in this book to make her readers think. "Think reader what life would be like without diversity and differences." She achieved this purpose with me. Cause in reading this book, I started to wonder how I would be if I lived in this world. I realized I would hate this way of life. Where everything was sameness and too perfect. Sometimes when we have differences, some good some bad. It makes the world more interesting. I feel her writing is effective cause it made you feel. You could feel sad, or anxious, or scared, but it made you feel. An example would be, when the Giver lets Jonas feel snow on his face, this made me feel happy for Jonas, cause I know how I feel when snow is on my face. Also when Jonas sees his father release the twin it made me sad.

The strength of this book is that you see differences in two different worlds and you come to learn some valuable lessons about our world. Some weaknesses would be that the book tends to be a bit scary at times. I did find this book to e very interesting. It was interesting to see a life different from ours where everyone is in such a perfect society that the all have certain jobs by 12. That families only have a mom and dad and two kids. I would recommend this book to others so they can read it and learn to appreciate our world for all the good and evil.

I believe this novel was made for us to realize that our thoughts and memories are