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The Giver

I chose to do a poster for the creative part of our assignment on the book The Giver. I chose a poster because I thought it would be the easiest way to get my point across on my thoughts of the book.

The book is based around a boy named Jonas. Jonas is the protagonist in the book and the elders are the antagonists in the book. Jonas is 11 years old and is going to get given his job at the ceremony of 12. One of Jonas' problems is that he is nervous about what job he will be assigned. Another complication within the book for Jonas is all the rules of this society have to be obeyed even though he is led to believe that he lives within a free community.

My poster is based around this fact that he lived in a community controlled by rules. I chose to make my poster look like a bees’ hive from the front and a picture of buildings with people in them all doing the same thing. It portrays the fact that everyone is the same no matter how people may think they are different and free but they are still being controlled. The bees hive represents that all the people in the community are drones bees and that the elders are the queen bee.

On the back of the poster I did a group of buildings with a big clock in the centre of it and speakers under the clock. The clock represents how the daily life is strictly scheduled to a precise time which they need to follow. The speakers represent how they need to follow all the orders of the faceless men and if they do something…