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Argumentative Essay

For the Argumentative Essay topic 2 is about shoud Jonas have left the community or have stayed in the community. Some of the reasons he left the community are that he was told by the giver that if he left then everyone in the community would get those memories. Jonas though that if everyone knew about the memories that the community would no be so boring and they would see color and know love and plenty of other reasons.In the book the better way to go would be the way Jonas went because he believed that if he left then he would give everyone his memories to the community and the community would not be so blank. In the giver Jonas claimed he wanted everyone to know what he knows and he thinks that is a positive thing.
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One negative thing is that when Jonas leaves the community he gave all of the community his memories and The Giver is scared that they are not going to be able to handle all of the pressure. The Giver tries to tell Jonas that he is going to have to stay and Jonas is going to have to go alone. The giver stayed so that he can help the community handle the pressure of receiving the memories. That is one extremely important thing about the if Jonas left or stayed. Jonas later states that if he left he will miss his family very deeply. In the story when Jonas left he brought his little brother Gabriel. Jonas brought Gabe because he knew that the community would release him. When Jonas brought Gabe on the trip Gabe got very hungry and thirsty and started to cry, which made Jonas very frustrated. Although Jonas can help Gabe with the pain and the suffering by giving him good memories of happiness and calmness Jonas can help the fact that he is starving so Gabriel will not stop crying. That is another critical event that happened in the book the Giver. Whether there are positive or negative events Jonas, Gabe and The Community, all got through it. This book was really about what would the world be like if you didn't have such details as knowing emotions, seeing colors, or even having family. So the world today is most likely a better place