The Giver Book Vs Movie Essay

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"We gained control of many things, but we had to let go of others." Lois Lowry says this in both the book and movie. This quote explains that the community had to let go of some things, but it was to make the changes better. For example, the colors and landscape changed in the movie, but the director made changes of how they look and made it better. “The Giver” book and movie are different because the landscape of the communities and the and music makes you more connected and it shows the emotions of the characters.
First, the landscape of the communities are different in a plethora of ways. In the movie the Giver, the director Phillip Noyce changed the way of what the community looked liked, and made it better. In the book, each community was separated by a river, but in the book, it was on a cliff surrounded by clouds. In the Giver, Lois Lowry states "He went out the next day, jumped into the river, swam across, and joined the next community he came to. Nobody even saw him again." This quote shows that in the book, the community was surrounded by a river and they didn't want the people to cross the river. The community in the book is separated by rivers and you can easily get to other communities. In the
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The difference of the community is that in the book it is connected to a river but in the book it is on a cliff. The director of the movie made them look different so the watchers would be more interested and analyze the details of the community. The music in the movie let you feel the emotions of the characters just by listening to it. The reader should know that music can affect the way that you view the characters and the emotions that the characters are feeling. Also, the director of the giver made the community look different so it makes the people more interested in the movie and wonder why he put it on a