'The Giver' By Lois Lowry: A Utopian Society

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The Giver Essay

A utopian society is where everything is perfect and everyone is happy. Imagine a world without colors, all you see is gray and white all the time. Imagine your life with no love, no feeling for anyone or anything. In The Giver By Lois Lowry, people that live in the community have no feeling, and can not see any color. Jonas’s community is not a perfect society. Jonas’s community has many rules like saying/ pronouncing the correct words. (pg# 52 Lois Lowry)“ I want my smack!” Asher said. “ Snack.” They corrected. The discipline wand came across his hands. Precision of language is one of the most important things as a small child. Each child always has to pronounce the correct words so they do not get punished. People that