The Giver Rules Analysis

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The Rules in The Giver and the rules of the Puerto Rican society
In the novel The Giver, it is shown on how their society is based on. In chapter two starts talking about “The Rules” on their society, but these rules are constantly broken throughout the whole story. The author makes it clear that this utopian community is not actually perfect. It’s also intriguing on how similar it is to our own society. Puerto Rico has many similarities that we can establish. By comparing “The Rules” with the laws of Puerto Rico you will see how both societies break these rules and laws.
There are many rules in the story, everyone lives by them. Through chapters one and two Lowry discloses other meanings about the community, it is revealed that those who
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In Section One of The Constitution begins by establishing that “the dignity of the human being is inviolable'” and that “all men are equal before the law”. Through Sections Two to Nine talks about “Dignity and equality”, and talks about a “morality that needs to be carried”. Making this an honorable politic, but most politics just lied to the people. In chapter nine when Jonas gets “The Rules of The Receiver” and he sees the rule “You may lie” he states about “if people are lying then that means the community itself is based on lies”. Something that is similar to what happen in Puerto Rico. On July 25, 1978, “Cerro Maravilla case” is a good example, two young Puerto Ricans, murdered in cold blood. In that time the independence movement was going, these young people were fighting f or the movement, in which the police alleged that they were making “terroristic attacks to the police”. The police killed these two people. These events occurred under the administration of Carlos Romero Barceló, with the help of the police of Puerto Rico. Governor Romero Barceló, who denied any prior knowledge of the alleged terrorist attack, shortly after one year he admitted having prior knowledge of the preparation of the operation at “Cerro Maravilla”. He lied to the people and knew that those young people didn’t do anything. People believed what the media said but is was not the truth. Thus showing how