The Glass Castle Comparison Essay

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Two Peas in A messed up Pod Some people might have very similar lives while others just are on a completely on a different spectrum. In The Glass Castle by Jeanette Walls, Jeannette’s life and parents have been very strained considering that Jeanette’s parents are an alcoholic and a mentally ill woman. However, In The Secret Life of Bee’s, Lily is a young woman who like Jeannette has had a difficult family background since she was four. Lily never grew up with her mother only having a mother figure for support, and her father being self-assertive throughout her childhood. While there are some commonalities between the two girls there can also be an argument made for the differences.
The similarities in Lily’s and Jeanette’s life are very obvious in the many ways shown. In Lily’s life we have a very abusive father as shown in her father T-Ray who has physically hurt Lily when it comes to her sitting her on her knee’s in a
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In Jeanette’s life in The Glass Castle, her father has had some more down’s rather than up’s into Jeanette’s life. An example of this is when on Christmas Rex Walls burned down their Christmas tree. “Let’s really light up this Christmas,” Dad said and thrust the lighter into the Douglas fir. The dried-out needles caught fire immediately. Flames leaper through the branches with a crackling noise. Christmas ornaments exploded from the heat” (115). This simple sentence shows how their father is a toxic parent. Jeanette’s mother, Rose is also not mentally aware of her actual role as a parent when it comes to being in Jeanette’s life. One part being shown of this statement is how she reacts to Brian’s sexual assault, “She said that sexual assault was a crime of perception. “If you don’t think you’re hurt, then you aren’t” she said” (184) this is showing how even the most serious issues to her doesn’t even any seem to be anything different to her making it practically the woman’s