The Glass Door of General Mills Essay

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Running head: The Glass Door of General Mills

The Glass Door of General Mills (A Closer Look) Quanisha Smedley
Alice Reynolds 12/24/12

An organization is a social entity of individuals that are prearranged and supervised to necessitate or pursue combined ambitions within the organization. Titanic was explored by oceanographer Robert Ballard in 1986 that he did it in a three-person submarine designed and built at General Mills in the early 1960s. ALVIN made 11 dives to that Titanic site. Today, General Mills focuses on providing healthy and rich foods to millions of communities’ worldwide. This essay will refine the popular for-profit General Mills organization through a tainted glass door and define its cultural characteristics, as well as the common and more précised characteristics that put this company in a category of its own unique structure. This essay will explain the communication that is used to help keep this organization organized and structured to the company’s liking.

The Glass Door of General Mills
General Mills is an organization with a big heart that just keeps on giving and it shows through the generosity of their actions. General Mills helps to build the world’s strongest and most popular brands and the first step of doing that, is through their employees, and that is why General Mills makes their company not only a great place to live, but also a great place to work. In order to remain out front, according to, this company has implemented many programs to help their associates balance work as well as the forefront of their lives. Flexibility is one of the best characteristics that can help to accommodate their employee’s needs by making sure that they work flexible hours that fit into their schedule. In the corporate headquarters, General Mills has decided to add flexibility to their workspace. They also provide millions of references including healthcare, childcare, and even education.
According to over 29,000 of General Mills associates go out their way to help carry out a positive message that that they are proud to work for a company that believes that their mission within the entire company helps to nourish families and communities all around the world. And that is why they are encouraged to volunteer, donate time, money and food, and do everything that they possibly can to help make the world a better, as well as a healthier place to live. And not only is that the start of something beautiful, it is also the start of living in a strong and happy community, and they are taking this world by storm one community at a time.
General Mills is one of the largest food companies and what helps them stay on top as a successful organization is that they provide a healthy, easier, and richer experience when it comes to nourishing lives by encouraging millions of individuals to eat and live healthy while enjoying the great taste of food. Their values are what encourage them to achieve this mission.
General Mills values reflect their strong core values which are values that they value every day. According to, their values include doing the right thing all of the time, building great brands, striving for consistency and superior performance, the innovation of every aspect in their business, they respect develop, and invest in their people. General Mills has over 24 chains of leadership that innovate excellent performance, as well as excellent communication skills. Its major foods include ready to eat cereals, cookies, refrigerated yogurts, refrigerated dough products, dry dinners, and shelf stable and refrigerated vegetables among other great tasting products.
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