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The Glass Menagerie
Rebecca L. Vasquez
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ENG 1300 – Composition III/Literature
Week 3, Assignment 2
David Layton
March 9, 2015

The Glass Menagerie In the play “The Glass Menagerie”, written by Tennesse Williams, there are several characters that make this play uniqiue. There are several limitations that certain characters have that do not allow them to obtain their dreams and goals. Limitaions prevent goals from being achieved and this causes not only stress on the character but also the family. Everyone daydreams of their wants and needs for their future. But on this particular play the dreams are put to a hault because of disabilities or just typical obsticles that is a result to everyday life. Laura Wingfeild, is a very special character in this play has a minor set back. When Laura was a child, she faced a serious illness that left her in a leg brace. With one leg being shorter than the other, this makes her different then most woman of her time. Not unusual, but different. Laura collects glass figures. She is sometimes refered to be somewhat like her glass collection. With a transparent beauty and the same fragile exterior. Laura is bound by her cripple because she seems to become afraid when faced with a social gathering or when meeting new people. Laura is the only girl in the family and with this she is ready to meet her gentleman caller. But she is afraid of what people may think of her. But her mother is sure that she will find someone. Laura is also quite like her