The Glass Menagerie Essay

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In The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams, Laura Wingfield, daughter of Amanda Wingfield, left business college and doesn’t have any gentleman callers calling for her. She is dealing with a gloomy atmosphere, a shattered confidence and a little world of her own. As mentioned previously, Laura is faced with different obstacles, preventing her from leading a normal life.

The environment around Laura is tense and depressing, challenging her unstableness. She tries to keep the family together, but fails. The negative aura that is around Laura influences her greatly. She is a fragile girl afraid of the world. Behind the image of a frail girl, we find a caring person that puts others before herself, not only that, she has a great deal of worries for others.
“AMANDA: A few days ago, I came in and she was crying.
TOM: What about?
It is made obvious that she cares about everyone’s happiness, but more specifically, Tom’s future and his relationship with his mother, more so than her own. As a result of the negativity and what seems to be her failure, she resorts to little glass figurines.

Laura is very attached to her glass menagerie, as it seems to be a big part of her life. She cherishes every piece as if they were family. Laura is a very fragile person very much so like glass, her glass menagerie. She is similar to her glass figures, more specifically the unicorn, in the way that they are almost the same thing. At first, the unicorn was the outcast being