The Global Convergence Essay

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Describe how British society changed during the 18th and 19th centuries
The British community had a huge change during the 18th and 19th century, mainly due to the Industrial Revolution. The British society changed in many different aspects, such as agriculture, the industry and even the social and living conditions of the society.
Firstly, the agriculture during the 18th and 19th century hugely improved due to the large increasing populations and the new advancements in the industry. As new tools, fertilisers and many different harvesting techniques were introduced, allowing the rate of growing crops and many other agricultural products to become a lot faster, allowing the British society to be fed a lot faster too. Different parts of the British land began to specialise in different types of crops and grains and livestock to grow in.
Secondly, the industry was one of the many aspects that had vastly changed the most. This was due to the fact that James Watt’s and Matthew Baulton had both introduced a new type of way to power their machines with steam, also known as steam power. Coal became a major resource for the British as this was what they had relied on to produce the steam power. The rotative engine that was also introduced was a major development, as this was what lead to the making of trains, steamships and faster machinery in the industrial facilities.
Lastly, the industrial revolution caused a lot of changes to the British society in many ways. The industrialisation vastly increased the population causing the population to rise by 5 million with the period of a century, but as the population grew, so did the urban centres. This was due to the fact that people were in need of a job and the families who were living in horrible conditions needed money, causing children and wives to work in factories where they were abused and ill-treated.

In light of the Industrial revolution and the movement of peoples, to what extent did the world change during the period between 1750 and 1900?
The industrial revolution marked an important milestone in history. This was due to the fact that it caused the whole world to change in many different aspects, including the complex communications between countries and the growth of the global economy. However, not only did the Industrial Revolution create a true global economy, but it furthermore created hatred due to the introduction of political and military power. In addition, it lead to the scientific revolution and the Enlightenment which caused people to have a more rational idea towards nature and the human behaviour. These revolutionary changes and events may be viewed very beneficial in the beginning; however it gradually became to be seen as a horrible idea due to all the problems they may have created.
Before the industrial revolution, villages had to be self-sufficient as transportation was often difficult, or impossible. Roads were impassable when carrying large supplies and horses were slow paced and could not travel the long distances needed for effective trade. Rivers caused difficulty when traveling by foot, and was not always accessible by boat. During the industrial revolution, more roads and bridges were constructed, as well as existing ones upgraded. Canals were built, which allowed much larger and heavier goods to be transported. With the invention of the steam engine in the early 1800's, the steam train came into effect, making traveling easier and quicker than ever. The new railway system enabled people to migrate, and helped aid one aspect of the movement of peoples. Steam engines changed the structure of ships as well, meaning world-wide travel was less challenging, and international migration was coming into effect, something which was scarcely seen before the Industrial Revolution.
Eventually, these machines were switched for more intricate machinery and this allowed new materials and inventions to be made through steam power. These were soon after