Essay on The Golden Rule

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Stefanie Davis
SOC 203­ Minorities

The Golden Rule The golden rule to me means treat others how you would want to be treated even if they don’t do the same. It’s about self awareness also, people got to recognize oneself as an individual separate from the environment and other individuals. If everyone would take the golden rule into consideration it would make society better as a whole. People should put themselves in the shoes of others and see what it is like on the opposing side. People shouldn’t judge one another or treat them badly especially if they don’t know them or know what they been through, put yourself in their shoes for once and see how it feels. Once they put themselves in the other persons shoes they will realize their mistakes and look at things differently.For example, say if one student doesn’t have much and they are struggling and the kids at school that are spoiled and gets whatever they want brags in the kids face and talks about the things they wear or say their clothes are terrible, they need new things and are just being rude. They don’t know what those kids are going through, if they switched roles for a day the kids would become conscious and know what it is like to finally get everything they ever wanted.
The spoiled kids would then realize all the struggles them kids have to go through and realize it’s not no joke and how they would feel if they was in that situation and people was making fun of them. Even though…