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The golden rule states: “Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself.” What I want to talk about today is the destructive behavior of hatred. I believe that hatred is a learned behavior, a trait that does not naturally come from within an individual. It has been taught to us by older generations, to degrade, to criticize and to reject any pleasant attachments to and from the other. Hatred is a stimulant for disaster being the distortion of peace and the lost connections with one another. If we look back in our history, our ancestors have always been showered by hatred. It can be seen through acts of WWI and WWII, acts of discrimination to the Indigenous peoples or the mass murder of the Jews. Our ancestors has grown as weeds to support the future, our present, but planted the seeds of hatred along the way. Hatred is expressed a little differently today. Today, through current events, there is tension of war because of the potential terrorist acts between the United States and the ISIS in Iraq. Discrimination occurs everywhere, like denying rights in the workforce, whether it’s pertaining to your race, gender, or your sexuality. The deaths of bullied teens are a direct result from hatred, physically or emotionally received from their tormentors. Though the events today may not be exactly the same as it was centuries ago but the same principles apply. Sadly these are just few of the many examples of hatred. So, today’s speech is to awaken some feelings, emotion and logic to counter act the hate suppressed intentionally by society. So, relating back to my initial statement, would you want to be treated with hate? The answer is obviously no. It’s simply destructive. By doing the opposite like being more