The Good, The Bad, The Ugly! Essay

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Anthony Thompson BUS 131
09/02/2014 Mrs. Wilder
The Good, The Bad, The Ugly!
As long as I can remember, I have been in the work force ever since I was sixteen years old. Now being twenty two I have worked around nine jobs ranging from construction to cleaning houses to DEC forest technician. Now having a job I have had to work with many mangers/supervisors, some good mangers and some bad ones too. I have learned a lot of knowledge from my mangers and not so great ideas as well. In this assignment I will be discussing some the characteristics and qualities that I learned from my good managers and the bad. The best manager I ever had was from two jobs that I worked on when I was younger working on a farm as a laborer, and a forest tech for DEC. Now the manager from the farm was the owner and his own boss that made his own goals and dead lines for certain duties on the farm from when the cows needed to be feed, clean, and milked. Now when I started working there he was the one who trained me, because he had a system that worked for him and it was organized and efficient. My manager at the farm created a chart on a white board that showed a list of all the duties that needed to be completed and how long it would take. He was on his phone a lot talking to smaller farmers to help harvest there fields because he had bigger equipment and would charge the farms to pay him. This was a good idea to think ahead and keep an extra income in his pocket. When I was working for DEC as a forest tech I had several supervisors and one main manager. Now I was trained by supervisors but they all had to communicate with the manager. He would at least have to go to meeting three out of five times a week. He lead all the supervisors by holding meetings at the begging and end of each month. He organized all the contracts and prescriptions in a computer file. While getting ready for a harvest he would make out these charts on what resource we could use and limit. All these are a good…