Essay on the goods that factories produce

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The “Goods” That Factories Produce

Whether by polluting the air we breathe with smoke, dumping harmful chemicals into our water systems or by depleting non-renewable resources, factories are slowly destroying this beautiful planet we live on called Earth.
Would you like to breathe in unclean air? Do you prefer to drink water polluted by deadly chemicals or polluted with harmful viruses? These are possibly some questions we may have to ask ourselves if we do not try to fix or at least mitigate some of the environmental issues that factories cause.
When smoke is released into the air, it slowly rises as it is lighter than the gases that ‘air’ is comprised of. Smoke contains harmful gasses such as Carbon Monoxide, Methane, Ammonia and most importantly Carbon Dioxide (CO2). When Carbon Dioxide enters the atmosphere it slowly destroys the ozone layer, which is a protective layer of Ozone gas that’s absorbs the sun’s deadly UV rays. Smoke also reduces the amount of sunlight, which in turn hinders the photosynthesis process casing unhealthy plants in which we will later consume and become sick. One factory can release up to six thousand tons of smoke into the air we breathe each day, take into consideration that some large cities may have up to seven factories per square mile.
Factories also dump millions of gallons of harmful chemicals into our lakes, canals, seas, and even rivers each year. These harmful chemicals are normally by-products produced as the factories ‘goods’ are manufactured, however what good does this do to humans? Undoubtedly human beings will be affected negativity whether by direct or indirect contact with these chemicals. We humans will either drink this contaminated water, engage in recreational activities it such as swimming, in which the harmful chemicals will enter the body through the skin or most commonly eat sea creatures such as fish, lobsters or crabs containing the poisonous chemicals. Dr. Peter Iglesias once said “Poison the water and you will